Debate | Red Bull's dismissal of Vips is justified

Debate | Red Bull's dismissal of Vips is justified

29 June - 10:54 Last update: 11:13

On Tuesday it became clear that Juri Vips has no future at Red Bull Racing. The junior was dismissed after saying the N-word in a game. It raises the question of whether dismissal for this offence is the right decision.

During a live stream on Twitch where Vips were playing Call of Duty with Liam Lawson and others, the Hitech Formula 2 driver threw out the N-word. He was suspended by Red Bull, but that suspension has now been commuted to a resignation.

A message on Vips' social media soon followed, in which the driver expressed his 'unconditional apologies' for his remarks. "This language is completely unacceptable and does not reflect my values," he stated. Fellow drivers supported Vips by saying the Estonian 'doesn't have an ounce of racism in his body'.

Hamilton and Piquet

It is not the only slur related incident in motorsport lately. This week it was also announced that Nelson Piquet had used the N-word last year. He made a racist attack on Lewis Hamilton with it. Mercedes, Formula 1 and the FIA were quick to distance themselves from Piquet's statements.

Hamilton himself reacted quite calmly on Twitter by saying it is part of a bigger problem and that it is more about changing the mentality. Piquet himself didn't get the full brunt of Hamilton's comments. While Vips did from Red Bull. Is that right?

Punishment for Vips 

Red Bull punishes the 21-year old driver mercilessly for his statements. There is no place for racism in society and motorsport, but as Vips' acquaintances also say: he would not have an ounce of racism in his body. Is it reasonable to punish a mistake, in what it seems, so harshly?

Let us know what you think of the statement: 'Vips is rightly dismissed by Red Bull'. Do so by filling in the poll and commenting in the comment section. Keep it clean of course!

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