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Mazepin shares opinion on makers of Drive to Survive

Mazepin shares opinion on makers of Drive to Survive

29-06-2022 07:52 Last update: 08:18


The Netflix series Drive to Survive has been met with a lot of criticism from drivers this season. For example, Max Verstappen chose not to give interviews to the makers anymore, because he thinks they dramatise the seasons too much. Nikita Mazepin can imagine the criticism.

The Russian driver made his debut in Formula 1 in 2021. While it seemed for a long time that he would also experience his second season with Haas, the American racing team decided not to continue with Mazepin because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Nevertheless, he knows all too well how things work in Formula 1.

"I know Formula 1 in a slightly different way," Mazepin says in conversation with Sport Express about the series. "They are trying to make something out of the series. Some uninteresting moments have to be pasted together. I think the work of the editors is very hard."

Netflix series good choice according to Mazepin

Mazepin says he does not watch the episodes himself, but that he thinks the arrival of Drive to Survive is a good development for the sport. The Russian expects that it can enthuse children to get into a kart and develop into a Formula 1 drivers.