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F1 teams react to Piquet racist comment, 'Red Bull won't give a statement'

F1 teams react to Piquet racist comment, 'Red Bull won't give a statement'

28-06-2022 13:59 Last update: 17:27


For the second time in a short time, motor sport is being shaken up by racist remarks. After the statements of Red Bull-junior Juri Vips, now also three-time Formula 1 world champion Nelson Piquet is under fire because of racist remarks addressed to Lewis Hamilton.

Ferrari and Aston Martin issue statement

Earlier today the FIA, Formula 1, Mercedes and Hamilton themselves reacted to Piquet's statements. Through their statements they let it be known that they find these statements unacceptable. The Brazilian former driver referred to Hamilton in a broadcast of last year's British Grand Prix with the N-word after the touché between Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Meanwhile, other Formula 1 teams have also issued a statement. Ferrari writes on Twitter: "We stand alongside F1, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes against any form of discrimination." Aston Martin joins in and writes on Twitter: "There is no place for this abhorrent behaviour in our sport or society."

No statement from Red Bull Racing

F1 journalist Chris Medland was at Red Bull on Tuesday morning for the launch of the new Red Bull hypercar and asked for a reaction from the team to Piquet's comments. According to Medland, however, the team will not be coming up with a statement, he reports on his Twitter account. Piquet is also the father of Verstappen's girlfriend Kelly Piquet. Medland also says that Formula 1 is considering further action against Piquet. "What exactly that entails has not yet been decided," he said.

Update | Statement on Vips 

On the same day, Red Bull have announced they are dropping junior driver Juri Vips following racist remarks earlier this week on a Twitch stream. Red Bull condluded the statement relating to Vips saying: "The team do not condone any form of racism". 

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