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Disgruntled Albon balks at lack of updates at Williams

Disgruntled Albon balks at lack of updates at Williams

28-06-2022 09:46 Last update: 09:57


Alexander Albon is not happy at Williams at the moment. The Thai driver had expected more from his first season with the Grove-based team, but the FW44 has been a disappointment.

Disappointed Albon

Williams had a unique opportunity to move up the rankings with the new regulations. In recent years, the team has often been bottom of the table, but with new owners and new regulations, more seemed possible. For Albon, becoming the leader of this team was a great step, but it was a disappointment.

So far the team has only scored three points, all of which were scored by Albon. In Australia and Miami, Albon took advantage of the conditions and a good strategy to score his first points for the team. In terms of pure speed, however, the team falls short of its goal of scoring points on a regular basis.

Williams brings update

Albon has expressed his dissatisfaction Motorsport.com Albon has expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of updates at the team. Whereas all the other teams have come up with various updates to make steps forward, Williams remains stagnant. The balance is still not right and Albon does not expect that this will be solved with a few updates.

The team does have updates planned for the British Grand Prix, provided they are completed on time. In the factory it seems that this update should provide a huge step forward, but Jost Capito and Albon both want to see it on the track first.

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