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Mercedes optimistic ahead of British GP: 'Nobody dares to say it'

Mercedes optimistic ahead of British GP: 'Nobody dares to say it'

28 June - 09:04 Last update: 09:56


Mercedes are optimistic about their chances at the British Grand Prix. Nobody dares to say it yet, but Silverstone could be the turning point.

For Mercedes, 2022 has not gone as the German team had hoped. Ferrari and Red Bull Racing have gotten off to a much better start, already leaving the world champion of the last eight seasons well behind. Ahead of the British GP, however, Mercedes' technical boss is optimistic.

Mercedes competitive again

"Everyone in our factory doesn't dare say it, but we are cautiously optimistic of having a more competitive weekend than some of those we have had of late. Some of the characteristics of this circuit will suit the car. We don't have care capable of winning from the front yet. As long as we can get the car tamed through maggots and beckets, and round the faster corners then I think we have a decent chance of a competitive showing this weekend," James Allison told Sky Sports.

A win is not in the cards, according to Allison. "If the Red Bull stumbles, who knows." Mercedes especially hopes to be more competitive than it has been this year, but dreaming of a win is always allowed of course. Asked what Allison would do if Mercedes did win, he laughingly says: ''I would cry.''

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