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Press conference experiment failed: Drivers to the track earlier

Press conference experiment failed: Drivers to the track earlier

28 June - 06:27 Last update: 09:34

After many complaints from teams and drivers, the press conference from the British Grand Prix has been moved back to the Thursday in a race weekend. The experiment on Friday has thus failed F1.

Formula 1 does everything in its power to organise race weekends as efficiently as possible. In the future, it wants to organise even more races, so if the weekends still consist of four full days, it will be impossible for the people working in the sport to cope. An experiment to improve this did not help.

Press conference in England

In 2022, F1 decided to move the press conference for the drivers from Thursday to Friday morning. In theory, this would give the drivers a shorter weekend, but in practice this was not the case. On Thursday they had to be at the circuit for other team activities anyway.

Therefore the drivers were not relieved, but in fact extra burdened. Normally they were free on Friday morning, but now they had to go to the circuit earlier to do the press conference. For the British Grand Prix this has been reversed after complaints from teams and drivers, according to FIA documents that came into the hands of Albert Fabrega. The press conference for the team bosses, which was postponed from Friday to Saturday, will remain, according to the Spanish F1 journalist.

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