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NEOM McLaren XE reveals first images of new Formula E car
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NEOM McLaren XE reveals first images of new Formula E car

27 June - 18:29 Last update: 21:08


McLaren will be competing in Formula E from season nine. The team has launched its Gen3 car for 2023 and shared the first images of the electric race car via Twitter.

McLaren is expanding its motorsport pursuits and will be part of the Formula E championship alongside Formula 1 and IndyCar in 2023. The carmaker has bought the Mercedes EQ team and will start the ninth season, which officially starts in 2022, with the new generation car. In the tweet below this article you can see the first images of McLaren's Gen3 car.

The team is still in the (re)forming phase but is already a lot on the way to final occupation. Of course, with the purchase of the Mercedes EQ team, a rotating championship team has been brought in and there is a flying start, but McLaren is still looking for drivers. The latest rumour is that René Rast is on the radar of McLaren to become one of the drivers. McLaren has also already announced that they will buy engines from Nissan.

NEOM McLaren XE, as the Formula E team will be called, shared a message on Twitter with four photos: "From the side, the front and above. The secret Formula is out"

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