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Silverstone weather forecast: Will Formula 1 escape the English rain?

Silverstone weather forecast: Will Formula 1 escape the English rain?

27-06-2022 17:23 Last update: 21:07


The weather in England for this weekend is still variable. It looks like there might be some showers at the beginning of the weekend during the F1 sessions. On the Sunday, during the race, the chance of rain seems the least.

Chance of wet start at SilverstoneGP

It could be a wet weekend at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. In Towcester, the village near where the circuit is located, 'afternoon rain' is expected on Friday 1 July. So reports Weather.com. That Friday afternoon at 13:00 local time, the first session of the weekend will also start. Free practice two is later that afternoon at 16:00. A maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is expected and the chance of rain is 36 percent.

The night looks set to be dry, but 'afternoon rain' is also expected for Saturday with a 35 per cent chance of it being wet. It may be as much as two degrees warmer on Saturday, when third practice and qualifying are held. Finally, the forecast for Sunday's race is partly cloudy. There is only a ten percent chance of rain then, so it looks set to be a dry race this weekend.

Pirelli tyres in changeable weather

The changeable weather conditions are a concern for tyre manufacturer Pirelli. Silverstone is a challenging circuit for the rubber and the changing weather conditions do not usually help. If it does not rain this weekend, Pirelli will probably get away with it as the temperature will remain fairly constant.

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