Possible F1 Calendar 2023 | 24 races and the return of South Africa?

Possible F1 Calendar 2023 | 24 races and the return of South Africa?

26 June - 13:47

More and more is becoming clear about the 2023 Formula One calendar. It will only be a matter of days or weeks before the calendar is presented and GPblog lists all the possible changes to the calendar.

Formula 1 did not announce the 2022 calendar until October 2021. In 2022, we are not expected to have to wait until October to know what the 2023 calendar looks like. Last year, the calendar was released a little later due to the ongoing problems caused by the corona virus.

A 'smarter' calendar

Formula 1 has been on the rise for many years and that means more and more new Grands Prix have been added. The Miami Grand Prix is the latest addition and from next year on Las Vegas will be added. Miami was given a date in May, but that meant the circus had to fly across the ocean for just the race in the Florida city during the 'European season'. The double-header from Azerbaijan to Canada is also a strange choice. It is likely that Miami and Canada will be held back-to-back from now on.

Baku has had a time earlier in the year for some years, when it was the fourth race of the year. It would be a logical choice to finish in Azerbaijan after the so-called 'fly-over races', and then fly to North America for the Miami and Canada races.

Uncertain races in Europe and China

After that the European races could take place. It is not yet entirely clear whether Spa-Francorchamps can keep its place on the calendar and the races in France and Monaco are also still uncertain. After the last European race F1 will in all probability go to the Asian races: Singapore, Japan and possibly also to China. China is still unclear, because the rules concerning the coronavirus are very strict in the country. China has a deal until 2025, but because of the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, the race is not included in the possible calendar.

After that, F1 will again fly to North and South America for the other races in that part of the world: Las Vegas, Austin, Mexico and Brazil. Qatar returns in 2023 and will probably be the second last race of the year. After that the season will, by now tradition, end in Abu Dhabi.

Will South Africa return?

Joe Saward stated on Wednesday that two calendars are in the making, one of which will feature the South African Grand Prix. This race will be held at the Kyalami circuit, no stranger to Formula 1. The most logical place on the calendar will be in March, April, October or November. The rest of the year it is simply too cold in the African country. The most logical choice would be after Italy, in early October. Then the circuit has enough time to be up-to-date with the latest safety measures of the FIA.

A possible calendar in 2023


Grand Prix Region Contract duration
1 Bahrain Middle East 2036
2 Saudi Arabia Middle East 2025
3 Azerbaijan Europe 2024
4 Australia Australia/Asia 2035
5 USA (Miami) North America 2031
6 Canada North America 2029
7 Italy(Imola) Europe 2025
8 Spain Europe 2026
9 Monaco Europe 2022 (negotiations in progress)
10 Austria Europe 2022 (negotiations in progress)
11 Great Britain Europe 2024
12 Hungary Europe 2027
13 Belgium or France Europe Both 2022
14 Netherlands Europe 2023
15 Italy (Monza) Europe 2024
16 South Africa Africa Not yet known
17 Singapore Asia 2028
18 Japan Asia 2024
19 Brazil South America 2025
20 Mexico Central America 2022 (nothing known yet about new deal)
21 USA (Austin) North America 2026
22 USA (Las Vegas) North America Unknown deal
23 Qatar Middle East 2032
24 Abu Dhabi Middle East 2030

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