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Newey looks proudly at Red Bull: 'How we want it'

Newey looks proudly at Red Bull: 'How we want it'

25-06-2022 09:50 Last update: 10:58


Adrian Newey has had a rich career at Williams and McLaren, among others. Speaking to The Evening Standard the Brit says that his time at Red Bull Racing has been the most rewarding.

The top man of the Austrian racing team decided to make the switch to Red Bull in 2005, which seemed a big risk. Together with Christian Horner, however, Newey managed to build a team that was able to win four world titles with Sebastian Vettel and was successful with Max Verstappen last season.

"When I joined Red Bull, people thought I was committing career suicide," says Newey, who had no regrets about moving to the Austrians. "It’s been the most satisfying because, along with Christian, we took it from the ashes of Jaguar to how we want it."

Newey impressed by Verstappen

Newey, meanwhile, continues to enjoy working with Verstappen. The Dutchman is one of the best drivers he has ever worked with, according to the chief executive. After last season's world title, Verstappen is also on course to win the year's top prize in 2022.