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Marko reveals how many kilos Red Bull has left to gain on Ferrari

Marko reveals how many kilos Red Bull has left to gain on Ferrari

24 June - 13:42 Last update: 16:41


Red Bull Racing is 76 points clear of Ferrari in the Formula One championship, but will have to work hard to maintain that lead. They are still working on the weight of the RB18 which Helmut Marko says is still around five kilos heavier than the Ferrari F1-75.

Red Bull Racing may be in a strong position at the moment, but the team still has some work to do. One of them is reliability, which Marko feels leaves much to be desired. The reliability problems that caused both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to retire twice seem to be centred on the RB18's drive system.

Red Bull five kilos heavier than Ferrari

The weight of the Red Bull car remains another problem. Speaking to Motorsport.com Marko said that the car has lost a lot of its excess weight, but it is still about five kilos heavier than the Ferrari. According to the Red Bull chief, the competing car is more or less at the minimum weight.

At Silverstone, several teams are expected to come up with updates. Mercedes announced it would do so and Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said he expected the same from Red Bull Racing. Marko confirms that this is indeed the case, although he does not want to say anything about the size of the update package. Given the factory's location in Milton Keynes, near Silverstone, it is also ideal from a logistical point of view.

At the British Grand Prix, Marko expects the competition to be a lot closer than in Canada. Given the slippery asphalt at Silverstone, the Austrian expects that Mercedes in particular will be able to make a move. He also expects tyre performance to play a crucial role.

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