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Ecclestone compliments Red Bull: 'They take care of the drivers'

Ecclestone compliments Red Bull: 'They take care of the drivers'

24 June - 06:22 Last update: 08:14


Former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone remains convinced that Mick Schumacher can look forward to a golden future in motor racing. Although the driver has yet to score a point for Haas, he expects Schumacher to do well with a top team.

The son of Michael Schumacher came to drive for the American stable in early 2021, after winning Formula 2 a year earlier. Together with Nikita Mazepin, he experienced a disappointing season in which they both failed to finish in the top ten.

This season is not going well for Schumacher either, but despite the results Ecclestone is sure that the driver has what it takes to become a stable Formula 1 driver. He cites Mercedes as an example that, in his opinion, would be very suitable to offer Schumacher a chance.

Ecclestone sees Red Bull as the ideal team for Schumacher

Not only Mercedes would suit him well, also Red Bull Racing is in Ecclestone's mind. He has great confidence in the policy of the Austrian racing team and expects that the formation can get the best out of Schumacher's qualities.

"They take care of the drivers and they try to find the best settings for their drivers," Ecclestone said in conversation with RTL Deutschland. "So you can also see how good the second driver is in their team. They are very good and they make sure the car suits the driver."

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