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Alpine with sixth upgrades in ten races: 'It's a constant construction site

Alpine with sixth upgrades in ten races: 'It's a constant construction site

23-06-2022 18:43 Last update: 19:21


Alpine is back in its familiar fifth place in the championship after the Canadian Grand Prix. The team of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon keeps on developing and that seems to pay off at last.

Alpine continues to develop at lightning speed

In the last three years, Alpine finished the season in fifth place, so a P4 this year is very much needed to show that the team is on the rise. Currently, the Enstone-based team is just eight points behind McLaren, so a fourth-place finish seems realistic. Especially since the team is developing at lightning speed and will bring its sixth upgrade package of the season to Silverstone.

In the last nine races, Alpine has already improved the A522 of Alonso and Ocon five times. Auto Motor und Sport reports that a sixth package is on the way at Silverstone. With the new floor planned for England, a big step is expected in the downforce level. Currently, Alpine's strength is still top speed, so there is a lot to be found in the corners.

Mercedes with new floor this time?

The upcoming floor improvement will probably not make much difference compared to the rest of the teams. Alpine engineer Alan Permane says: "Many teams will come up with upgrades at Silverstone. In the end, the improvement will probably only be enough to keep our heads above water." That everyone is coming up with an improved floor seems logical given that just prior to the Canadian GP, the FIA came up with a special directive allowing new changes.

This relaxation of the rules already received more attention during the weekend in Canada, as Mercedes appeared on the track with a floor that had been renewed according to the changes that had only just been introduced. In the paddock, Mercedes were therefore suspected of having inside information because of a secret link with the FIA. Mercedes then removed the new floor but will come to Silverstone with the new floor, just like Alpine. With thirteen races to go after the British GP, we can expect a lot from Alpine. AMuS: "The Alpine A522 is a constant building site."

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