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Grosjean enjoyed Verstappen: Max was invincible this weekend

Grosjean enjoyed Verstappen: "Max was invincible this weekend"

23 June - 16:45 Last update: 19:18


Romain Grosjean enjoyed the Canadian Grand Prix and especially the performance of Max Verstappen. According to the Frenchman Verstappen was 'invincible' at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Verstappen steals the show

"Max avoided the rain, the problems, the mistakes, the safety cars. He had the race under control. He was very impressive the last ten laps with Carlos Sainz behind him because the DRS was very strong in Montreal," Grosjean praised Verstappen in his YouTube video after the weekend in Canada. In the last ten laps of the race, Sainz kept coming close, but the Spaniard was unable to overtake.

"No mistakes made, absolutely pushing the car to the limit lap after lap. So that was beautiful to see, and I must say, it was perfect," Grosjean continued. The Frenchman then turned his attention to the disappointing weekend of Verstappen's teammate, Sergio Perez.

Disappointing weekend for Perez

Perez was slow on Friday and struggled on the rainy Saturday. He then crashed out on Sunday, but Grosjean thinks he knows the reason. "I suspect the gearbox issue in the race is related to qualifying," the IndyCar driver said.

Grosjean goes on to explain that because Perez was initially trying to get his car out from under tyre piles, he had to shift back into reverse. That high torque in reverse is not good for F1 cars says Grosjean.

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