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Perez enjoys Verstappen: 'One of the best in the history of F1'

Perez enjoys Verstappen: 'One of the best in the history of F1'

22 June - 15:28 Last update: 18:44


Sergio Perez is in his second season with Red Bull Racing, but still enjoys the qualities of Max Verstappen on a daily basis. According to the Mexican, the reigning world champion has aspects in him that no other driver on the track has, he told Fox Sports.

Perez may be in second place in the world championship, but a serious battle with his teammate appears to be too high for the time being. The difference between Verstappen and Perez after the Canadian Grand Prix increased to 46 points, putting Verstappen in a solitary position.

Where Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon could not measure up to Verstappen, Perez seems to have a different approach. The driver focuses mainly on his performance and does not compare too much with the Dutchman. After all, he knows better than anyone how good his teammate is.

"He is a complete driver," Perez stated. "I think he is without doubt one of the best in the history of Formula 1, if not the best. He has things that no other driver in Formula One has: the ability to go to the limit from the first practice session until the end."

Perez hopes to compete for the world title

Despite this, Perez is slowly trying to improve and get closer to Verstappen's performance, so he can try to compete for the world title in the coming years. He realises, however, that this will be a considerable challenge.

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