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Police with search dogs in Red Bull garage after Verstappen win

Police with search dogs in Red Bull garage after Verstappen win

20 June - 12:27 Last update: 14:48


Strange scenes in Montreal. After Max Verstappen's victory in Canada, the Red Bull crew could not return to the team's garage. The Canadian police refused entry because an investigation was underway that included search dogs.

Police search not unusual, timing is

When Verstappen's mechanics wanted to return to the garage after celebrating Red Bull team's seventh win of the season, local police were searching the garage. According to Sky Sports commentator Ted Kravitz, it is not necessarily unusual for Formula One teams' garages to be searched, but the timing of it now was.

"It was really weird and a strange moment for the Canadian police to come by with the search dogs. For whatever they were looking for," Kravitz is quoted by Express. "Canadian search dogs can clearly detect explosives, drugs and sickly sweet soft drinks with lots of sugar and caffeine in them. They're obviously very talented," Kravitz jokes about the situation.

Whether the Canadian police were indeed conducting a routine search, or whether there was a targeted search is not clear. Nor is anything known about any findings during the search.

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