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Verstappen finally joins the ranks of the 'all time greats'

Verstappen finally joins the ranks of the 'all time greats'

20 June - 11:42 Last update: 14:47


The Canadian Grand Prix provided victory number 26 for Max Verstappen. The Dutchman won his first Grand Prix in Spain in 2016 and then drove to victory up to three times each season until 2021. With ten victories in 2021 and six so far in 2022, Verstappen now definitively ranks among the all-time great Formula One drivers.

Verstappen among the great champions

Lewis Hamilton still has the most victories in Formula 1 to date and with a total of 103 wins it will be some time before Verstappen can match that record, but with his 26 wins the Dutchman is firmly in the top ten. The reigning world champion is now just ahead of Jim Clark and Niki Lauda (25 wins) and just behind Jackie Stewart (27 wins).

With thirteen races to go this season, Verstappen could still move up to sixth place in the ranking for drivers with the most Grand Prix victories. That spot is currently held by Fernando Alonso with 32 victories, and there seems little chance of another victory this season. Of the drivers on the current grid, Sebastian Vettel is also still in the top ten with 53 wins.

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