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Windsor: He was like that kid who almost won his first Grand Prix

Windsor: "He was like that kid who almost won his first Grand Prix"

20 June - 08:29


In Canada, Mercedes looked competitive, resulting in a podium finish for Lewis Hamilton and a fourth place for teammate George Russell. Countryman Peter Windsor saw the old Hamilton back on the podium in Montreal.

Windsor saw the old Hamilton back in Canada

Hamilton is still many points short of the top of the field and is even 34 points behind Russell, but in Canada he drove an excellent race. The porpoising problems seemed considerably less, allowing the seven-time world champion to get more out of his W13. At least, that's what F1 expert Peter Windsor says in a YouTube video.

"It was great to see Lewis on the podium. He looked like that guy who almost won his first Grand Prix, like he did in 2007. He drove very well, good on the attack and throughout the race. He's definitely a lot happier now." Windsor is sure that Mercedes was able to adjust the ride height slightly without making the porpoising worse: "This made the car much more controllable and allowed Lewis to do more with it. He suddenly looked like a real racer again."

Hamilton impressed rivals with his race. Red Bull Racing ' s Christian Horner indicated after the race that he was seriously considering a fast and strong Mercedes in the upcoming race at Silverstone. In any case, it does not seem to be up to the drivers of the German car brand. Both Hamilton and Russell benefit from every surprise and exciting moment on the track this season.

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