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Vettel's criticism of Pirelli: 'That tire is actually worthless'

Vettel's criticism of Pirelli: 'That tire is actually worthless'

31 May - 09:53 Last update: 12:13


Sebastian Vettel managed to finish in the points for the second time this season in Monaco, but this was no reason for celebration. The German complains about Pirelli's 'worthless' tires.

Vettel crossed the finish line in Monaco in tenth place, giving him and Aston Martin an important point in the battle at the bottom of the rankings. However, the German was not happy when he crossed the finish line, as Pirelli's rain tires are not doing what is expected of them according to him.

Work to do for Pirelli?

According to Vettel, the tires were extremely slow and as a result he struggled at the beginning of the Grand Prix. The problem, according to the German, is that the tires are much too hard, something he also suffered from in Imola. "It's just a bad tire," he echoed at F1-Insider.com.

The start in Monaco was delayed by over an hour due to the heavy rain. Vettel says the Pirelli tires also contributed to that. "I can remember days when we could have driven here, but with these tires it's impossible. The rain tire is actually worthless."

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