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Criticism of Leclerc after Monaco: He's screwed up often enough himself

Criticism of Leclerc after Monaco: "He's screwed up often enough himself"

30 May - 15:56 Last update: 18:37


According to Ralf Schumacher, Charles Leclerc should remain modest after Ferrari's strategic mistake during the Monaco Grand Prix. The German analyst believes that the team still made fewer mistakes than the Monegasque himself.

Leclerc seemed to be well underway from pole position, but things went wrong when Sergio Perez came in early for new tyres. Ferrari decided to keep Leclerc out longer, but in the end the Monegasque lost a lot of time, allowing Perez to overtake him during the pit stop. Three laps later, Leclerc got stuck in the pit lane behind Carlos Sainz, who had been called in at the same time.

Ferrari's strategic error ultimately caused Leclerc to drop from P1 to fourth, behind title rival Max Verstappen. At Red Bull Racing, on the other hand, the double pit stop went well. After Ferrari's mistake in Monaco, Leclerc sounded scolding over the on-board radio.

Leclerc also makes mistakes

Former driver Ralf Schumacher reacts to the situation at Sky Germany. "He has screwed up often enough himself, so he has to stay humble. These things just happen. You win together and lose together. So far the team has made fewer mistakes than Leclerc himself."

Indeed, earlier this season Leclerc lost his podium finish at the Imola Grand Prix when he spun into the gravel in the closing stages of the race. "The calmness that was there with Red Bull's strategy was missing with Ferrari. That cost them the victory. You could hear on the radio how much panic there was. The curse of Leclerc at Monaco still exists," adds Timo Glock.

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