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Verstappen no interest in 'triple crown': 'Not going to risk my life'

Verstappen no interest in 'triple crown': 'Not going to risk my life'

30 May - 14:39 Last update: 14:43


You get the 'triple crown' of motorsport when you win the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco, the Indy500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Max Verstappen has no interest in th prestigious crown. One part, in fact, he does not like.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen joined Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz on the podium in Monaco. The two Red Bull drivers have now both won the Monaco Grand Prix once. During the press conference after the race on Sunday, the GP winners were asked how they view achieving the triple crown.

Verstappen wants the double crown

Verstappen starts and does not sound enthusiastic: "I never had the desire to get the triple crown. At least, not the IndyCar race. I do appreciate what they do. It's insane, those drivers... I have a lot of respect for what they do, but for me now that I've been in F1 for so long, I don't need to risk my life or get an injury to my legs or anything. It's not worth it anymore."

A 'double crown', on the other hand, is something Verstappen sees as appealing. The reigning world champion often drives online sim races with his sim racing team Team Redline when he has time. These are often endurance races, which Verstappen doesn't think is such a bad idea: "Maybe Le Mans. I like endurance races, so I'll probably do a few, hopefully soon."

Teammate Perez sticks to the 'single crown'. The Mexican says, "I think after my F1 career I will go back and look after my kids. I already have three."

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