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Steiner sounds cautionary towards Schumacher: 'Need to see how to move on'

Steiner sounds cautionary towards Schumacher: 'Need to see how to move on'

30 May - 11:39 Last update: 12:47


F1 fans held their breath after Mick Schumacher's crash at the Monaco Grand Prix. The German got out of his Haas F1 car unharmed, but he probably has to fear for his future in Formula 1. Team boss Günther Steiner did not sound happy.

The German's crash at the Monaco circuit was so hard that the rear of his car had become detached from the cockpit and the front. Because of these extreme images, it seemed almost impossible that Schumacher could get out of the car without complaints. The German was quick to say to the press that he was fine and called the crash "very annoying." But judging by his team boss' reaction, that's quite an understatement.

Steiner warns Schumacher

Formula1.com quotes Steiner: "Of course with Mick we saw what happened. It's not very nice to have such a big crash again. We have to see how we go from here." During qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the German also crashed particularly hard, causing a significant cost to the team as well.

Schumacher, who has still not scored any points in Formula 1, seems to have to fear for his seat at Haas. The team has managed to build a pretty strong car in 2022, which his teammate Kevin Magnussen is making the most of. Besides the Dane, Schumacher's disappointing form is becoming more and more noticeable. Haas is currently in eighth place with all fifteen points coming from Magnussen.

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