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Verstappen: 'Hopefully we'll get to the front, but will be difficult'

Verstappen: 'Hopefully we'll get to the front, but will be difficult'

29 May - 12:29 Last update: 14:46


Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix last season. From his fourth starting place, a miracle seems necessary to repeat that feat. The Dutchman himself has only one goal: to get as many points as possible.

Scoring points

During the driver parade prior to the Monaco Grand Prix, Verstappen indicated that it will be difficult to overtake. "Hopefully we can get to the front a little bit, but that's always difficult in Monaco," he said. "So far the weekend is not great. It's hard to find the right balance. It's about scoring good points here. "

Verstappen was also asked why things didn't work out during Q3 yesterday. His answer was short: "Red flag." He added: "In general, we are slightly off the pace of Ferrari. We could have fought for P2, but unfortunately we couldn't show it."

Crash Perez

Verstappen seemed to be heading for the second starting spot on his final lap. A slide by teammate Perez meant he couldn't finish his lap at speed. Perez will start from third place. According to the Mexican, his Red Bull suffered no damage from the crash.

In the battle for the world championship and Charles Leclerc in spot 1, it is possible that Red Bull will give team orders to Perez to let Verstappen go ahead. Perez himself would not say much about that: "Our goal is to beat both Ferrari's," he said. "We want the maximum result for the team."

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