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Pirelli expects one-stoppers: Timing of pit stops will become crucial

Pirelli expects one-stoppers: Timing of pit stops will become crucial

29 May - 10:40 Last update: 12:36


All week Formula 1 looked forward to Sunday in Monaco. It was going to rain and rain races in Monaco are almost always a guarantee for spectacle. On Sunday morning, however, the picture is completely different, because the weather forecasts indicate that rain will remain out and that it will therefore remain dry in Monaco during the race.

Therefore, no surprises in strategy if it is up to Pirelli. Because overtaking on track is very difficult, the teams have the best chance to make up places in the pit lane. They will have the opportunity to do so once in a while, because according to Pirelli the race will be a one-stop-shop. Whether the teams start on the softest tyre or the medium tyre does not matter, according to the Italians.

Almost all drivers with the same tyre over

For position on the track it will be crucial. On the yellow tyre you need to stop later and there is a greater chance of having more free air to overtake. The danger in the pit stop phase is that a driver gets stuck behind a slow car, losing places. Given the tires that all the teams have left, the strategy of moving from the yellow mediums to the white hard tire seems obvious.

Almost all teams have a new set of the yellow and white tyre left. Only at Aston Martin do they have no new white tires left and Sebastian Vettel does not even have a single new set of tires left. However, the eyes will be on the top teams, especially between the 20th and 40th laps, because that is when Pirelli expects the pit stops to be made.

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