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Ferrari contradicts Helmut Marko: We have spoken with the FIA

Ferrari contradicts Helmut Marko: "We have spoken with the FIA"

28 May - 18:57 Last update: 22:09


Ferrari says Charles Leclerc will not receive a penalty for the weighbridge incident during qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix. The driver ignored the FIA's call and had to be pushed back to the weighbridge.

Helmut Marko revealed in an interview that there might be a penalty for Leclerc. The Monegasque drove past the weighbridge during qualifying and had to be pushed back through the pit lane by his team. Normally such an incident would be severely punished, but in Leclerc's case he still ended up on the weighbridge.

Ferrari's race director Laurent Mekies has a very different opinion than Marko. Talking to Sky Germany, he lets us know that Ferrari has spoken to the FIA about the incident. "Charles stopped fifteen, twenty meters after that. We spoke with the FIA. They then said: just push the car back. There is no problem."

Leclerc gets away with it

So it looks like Ferrari has fixed Leclerc's mistake in time, which means the Monegasque is unlikely to receive a penalty. So far, the FIA has also not announced that they will investigate the incident further.

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