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Verstappen not optimistic about the race: 'Can't do that much'

Verstappen not optimistic about the race: 'Can't do that much'

28 May - 18:34 Last update: 22:09


Max Verstappen will start from P4 for the Monaco Grand Prix. On a circuit where overtaking is difficult, the Dutchman must hope for help from the weather conditions, otherwise, it will be a tough race.

Wet conditions are predicted for the race on Sunday. After qualifying, Verstappen looks ahead with NU.nl. "That's actually the only option to be able to do something tomorrow. Normally I can't do much else from fourth place."

With the new cars, overtaking and chasing other cars on the track seems to have become easier, but Verstappen warns that in the narrow streets of Monaco, following others will be difficult. "Everything in the car gets too hot very quickly then," he says.

Verstappen could have improved his time

Sergio Perez's crash prevented the Dutchman from completing his final lap in Q3. It is the second year in a row that this has happened to him, as last year it was Charles Leclerc who ended up in the wall. "I was faster on track than those two [Carlos Sainz and Perez] though. I didn't have to bridge a big gap either. I did curse for a while because it just sucked", the Red Bull driver continues. Leclerc believes he was four tenths faster on track, while Helmut Marko thinks Verstappen was on par with his rival.

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