Vettel on 'green Red Bull' controversy: Not fair
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Vettel on 'green Red Bull' controversy: "Not fair"

28 May - 07:53 Last update: 09:34

It was the talk of the day during the Grand Prix weekend in Spain: the B-specification of the AMR22. Sebastian Vettel understands that people find Aston Martin's new car similar to Red Bull Racing's, but the four-time world champion is now a bit done with the controversy that has arisen.

Prior to the Spanish Grand Prix, the FIA investigated the development process of the Aston Martin car. The international motorsport federation concluded that the British racing stable had not violated any rules. At Red Bull Racing they were furious at the same time. The team from Milton Keynes claimed that data had been downloaded from their systems and that former employees who had left for Aston Martin had taken this data with them.

Red Bull is investigating, but cannot (yet) substantiate its suspicions. Meanwhile, at Aston Martin, they claim to have colored one hundred percent within the lines. Still, Dan Fallows, the head of aerodynamics who left Red Bull and has been working at Aston Martin since the beginning of April, was given a hard time in the media.

That's what stings Vettel a bit, he says at the press conference, broadcast by Sky Sports. The German argues that at some point it was "not fair" anymore: firstly for everyone who put a lot of work into adapting the AMR22 and secondly on a personal level Fallows. "Some things that were said I think were not right. He’s a very good guy. I remember him from my time at Red Bull and obviously he’s joined the team, he’s with us now, so I think some of the things that were said are just not right."

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