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Verstappen not worried: 'Hopefully DRS not even needed'

Verstappen not worried: 'Hopefully DRS not even needed'

27 May - 22:25


Max Verstappen suffered from a faulty DRS during the GP of Spain. As a result, the Red Bull Racing driver did not pass George Russell. In Monaco, the Dutchman hopes not to even need the overtaking system.

Verstappen goes full pole in Monaco

In the end, Verstappen won the race in Spain due to a retirement of Charles Leclerc and good strategic initiative by his team to pass Russell 'in the pit lane'. For the upcoming race in Monaco, the DRS is not particularly important, as there is only one relatively short stretch where it can be used.

Viaplay asked the Dutchman if he is still worried that his DRS won't work again this weekend or if it won't matter much to him in Monaco. Verstappen: "Of course I hope it is fixed. I think so, but difficult to say at the moment. In general, DRS obviously doesn't give you a whole lot here. But hopefully in the race we don't have to overtake." With that, Verstappen says he will go full out for pole position tomorrow. If so, Red Bull still needs to find something in the setup of the RB18. Currently, the gap to Ferrari over one lap is still quite large.

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