Again serious problems with Ferrari engines in Monaco

Again serious problems with Ferrari engines in Monaco

27 May - 15:24 Last update: 27 May - 15:24

Ferrari has managed to make an incredibly big step with the engine in 2022, but what must always be kept in mind is that performance does not come at the expense of reliability. However, there are problems with the Italian-made engine, including in Monaco.

Charles Leclerc was leading the Spanish Grand Prix last week when his power unit failed. The turbo and the MGU-H did not survive and were permanently damaged. It doesn't stop there for Ferrari, however, as two engines were again in trouble after the first free practice session in Monaco.

Valtteri Bottas came to only two laps in FP1 due to an issue with the MGU-K. Mick Schumacher lasted a bit longer on the asphalt, but he too had to be rolled back to his team by the marshals due to a defective MGU-K. In addition, Schumacher's driveshaft was also damaged, Auto, Motor und Sport reported.

Further investigation will have to show whether the MGU-Ks can still be used this weekend or later in the season.

MGU-K issues for Ferrari

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