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Perez wants to win the world title himself: 'That's important to me'
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Perez wants to win the world title himself: 'That's important to me'

27 May - 10:17 Last update: 11:14


Sergio Perez believes he has a fair chance at Red Bull Racing to become world champion. The Mexican is happy to help Max Verstappen when needed, but also wants to fight for his own chances.

Perez wants to win

Perez had to give up his leading position to Verstappen in Spain. The Dutchman was driving on fresh tires behind his teammate due to a different strategy and Red Bull wanted to prevent the two from fighting each other. Perez relinquished the lead but didn't quite agree. Asked if he expects the same favour back, the Red Bull driver's answer is clear.

''Yes, well you never know in this business it would be nice to get it back at some point. At the moment, the main focus is the championship. We are not that far in the championship, it's only race number six. I got support from the team, the team made it clear I have full support, especially at this time of the year,'' Perez said in an interview with Sky Sports.

Chasing the world title

''It was never mentioned before, we never discussed it. It was clear I was coming in an era where Max was going to be fighting for the championship. I have no problems helping my teammate in particular races like I did in Abu Dhabi, but at the moment I want to fight for the championship. For me as a driver, it's important to make sure I have full support from the team which is what I had,'' Perez concluded.

The Mexican is preparing for the Monaco Grand Prix. There he will want to open the hunt for the two leaders in the championship. Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are at the top of the ranking, but at 25 points behind Verstappen, everything is still possible for Perez.

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