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Wolff counters: 'I can only laugh at that'

Wolff counters: 'I can only laugh at that'

26 May - 20:15 Last update: 21:48


George Russell is experiencing an excellent start to the season. Despite his first race year with Mercedes and the problems at the racing stable, the Briton is managing to keep his cool and continue to perform. Despite this, Toto Wolff does not yet want to make a distinction between the two drivers.

Prior to the season many thought that Russell would need time to get used to the pressure of a top team. However, the opposite appears to be true for the time being, as the talented driver seems to be feeling good in his new car from the first race.

Wolff doesn't want to make a distinction

That's not the case with Hamilton for now. The seven-time world champion's performance in the first six Grands Prix has been mixed and, as a result, he has gained 28 fewer points than his teammate for the time being. When Wolff is asked by Speedweek.com the question whether Russell has already passed Hamilton in the pecking order, the Mercedes team boss responded clearly.

"I can only laugh at that. Sure, I understand all the fuss that is made about our team, but those are connections that are blown up, especially by the media," Wolff states. "All that matters to me is that George and Lewis are pushing each other and that we are making progress. Russell is doing really well and that's why we brought him in."

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