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Leclerc saw Red Bull do something surprising: 'Red Bull made it clear'

Leclerc saw Red Bull do something surprising: 'Red Bull made it clear'

26 May - 19:16 Last update: 19:47


Charles Leclerc had to make do with a dropout in Barcelona last weekend, which saw him drive Max Verstappen to first place. In the race, he noticed a surprising situation, the Monegasque tells us in conversation with The Race.

Indeed, after Leclerc dropped out, Verstappen and Sergio Perez still had George Russell driving in front of them. As the Mexican failed to get past his front runner, Red Bull Racing decided to instruct Perez to let Verstappen drive past him.

Ferrari treats Leclerc and Sainz equally for now

According to Leclerc, at Ferrari, for the time being there is no question of Carlos Sainz or him being given preference by the team. The driver believes that the Spaniard has enough qualities to start fighting for wins quickly and that there is therefore no reason for the Italians to have more confidence in him.

"Red Bull made it clear what their intentions are and they did it very early in the season. But concerning us, I don’t know. I haven’t spoken about it with Mattia and I haven’t heard about anything of this for now," he said in the interview. The difference between the two drivers is 39 points in Leclerc's favor.

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