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Marko wants clarity from FIA: 'How far can you go?'

Marko wants clarity from FIA: 'How far can you go?'

26 May - 14:17 Last update: 15:41


The revamped Aston Martin continues to be the talk of the town. Of course, in an initial ruling, the FIA let it be known that nothing illegal happened. Red Bull Racing continues to believe that their car almost literally has been copied, after design details were leaked to Aston Martin by former employees.

Not on the same level

Helmut Marko told Sky that copying, in a professional manner, is permitted in Formula 1. But to what extent?: "Since it's Aston Martin, I don't think they'll get to our level that quickly, even if they have a car of our technical capabilities," the Austrian said. "But you have to clarify that in general: what is allowed? How far does it go?"

According to Marko, it is not only Red Bull that is affected by Aston Martin's copying behavior. Other teams are also affected, for example if the Aston Martin can outperform them as a result. "I think it's a general question to the FIA. That they clarify once and for all what is in the regulations and what is in the best interest of the sport; what is allowed?"

FIA watching

By the way, literally copying a Formula 1 car is not easy. Of course, the teams do not share technical matters with each other; the FIA also emphatically keeps an eye on things. Throughout the development process, teams are accountable to the international motorsport federation. The FIA even watches tests in the wind tunnel.

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