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Mercedes has closed the gap to Red Bull: 'Finally took that step'

Mercedes has closed the gap to Red Bull: 'Finally took that step'

26 May - 11:40 Last update: 11:45


This season we have seen a pattern where Ferrari has the fastest car in qualifying and then Red Bull Racing has the fastest race car on Sunday. Mercedes has been trailing there all the time so far, but with the upcoming race weekend in Monaco, that could change in a serious way.

In Monaco, top speed is not important and it is mainly about the downforce you have on the car. In recent years Red Bull has been the fastest in this area, followed by Mercedes and Ferrari. With the new regulations, the cards have been reshuffled and each team now seems to have a chance at the medal in the Principality.

Mercedes may pose a danger

F1 journalist Chris Medland also notices this. On the official website of Formula 1 he looks ahead to the race weekend and notes that Mercedes itself is also cautiously hopeful for the upcoming weekend. "Mercedes have finally made the step forward that they had threatened for a long time."

A first step was already in Barcelona when it became clear that the porpoising problems are now really solved after all. As a result, the reigning world champions can now really start developing on the car of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. "It all points to three teams arriving in Monaco feeling like they have a chance of fighting for pole position." On the narrow street circuit, the first starting spot will be worth its weight in gold, as overtaking is almost impossible in Monaco.

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