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Perez realistic: '99 percent of your result is done on Saturday'

Perez realistic: '99 percent of your result is done on Saturday'

25 May - 12:00 Last update: 13:19


Sergio Perez is in good form at Red Bull Racing. He hopes to maintain this towards the race weekend in Monaco, although he knows from past years that at that circuit it is all about the details.

While the Mexican was frequently criticized for his performance last season, things have changed this season. In Barcelona, he managed to finish in the top three again and thus secured important points for his team. Perez hopes to achieve the same in Monaco.

"Monaco is one of the most special weekends of the season, especially that Q3 on Saturday," the driver looks ahead to this coming weekend with his team. "Qualifying can become very intense there because you know 99 percent of your result is done on Saturday."

Perez hopes for great race in Monaco

Nevertheless, Perez invariably enjoyed driving in Monaco in the past. "I love the track there, it's just great, you cannot make a mistake in Monaco because if you do, it is normally very costly." At the same time, he has great confidence in his own team. "We have incredible momentum as a Team right now and we just keep pushing. I am excited to see how the car performs around the Monaco track, I will give it my all."

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