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Albers on Perez and Verstappen: 'Only then can he be in front of him'

Albers on Perez and Verstappen: 'Only then can he be in front of him'

23 May - 14:25 Last update: 19:27


Max Verstappen had a lot of trouble overtaking George Russell during the GP of Spain due to a defect in his DRS. Teammate Sergio Perez asked if he could try his hand instead. Christijan Albers does not think there is any discussion within Red Bull about who is the leader of the team.

Red Bull Racing opted to bring Verstappen in for his second pit stop rather than orchestrate a swap between the Dutchman and Perez on the track. Verstappen returned to a more stable pace in free air and was able to quickly erase the gap from the pit stop. In the meantime Perez, who did have access to his DRS, had already outsmarted Russell. Red Bull came up with a neat solution for both drivers, but according to former F1 driver Albers there is no discussion at Red Bull.

No discussion at Red Bull

In the Formula 1 Podcast by the Telegraph he said: "They see the difference in pace between Max and Perez and you can't just erase that in one go. It's actually a very relaxed relationship, because you don't have to think about it at all. The difference is too big, which eliminates the discussion about the first and second driver."

Perez ensured this season that Red Bull could grab one-twos again. Also in Spain the Red Bull drivers were on the top two steps of the podium. In doing so, Verstappen also snatched the lead in the championship from Charles Leclerc, Perez is on P3. Although Perez is the ideal teammate, Albers sees a difference in pace of day and night: "Only if Perez has his very best day and Verstappen has his very worst day, then he has a chance to be ahead."

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