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'Future of Belgian GP depends on the situation in other countries'
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'Future of Belgian GP depends on the situation in other countries'

23 May - 13:24 Last update: 14:51


The future of the Belgian Grand Prix after 2022 is still uncertain. The circuit has made large-scale renovations ahead of the new season, but according to The Telegraph the Grand Prix's preservation depends on the situation in other countries.

The newspaper reports that there is still a significant chance that the race will disappear from the calendar after this year. However, the organisation of the race is in talks with Formula 1 about a contract extension, but whether or not that will happen would depend on other countries.

Spa-Francorchamps in danger to disappear from the F1 calendar

With the return of the Grand Prix in China and the arrival of the Grands Prix in Qatar and Las Vegas, at least one circuit has to make room on the calendar. In addition, Formula 1 hopes to add South Africa to the schedule as well.

With the arrival of many new venues, many of which are willing to pay more than the traditional European circuits, more of the latter are in danger of disappearing. Spa-Francorchamps, which is very popular among drivers, hopes to prove at the end of August that it is indeed future-proof. On top of that, the Chinese Grand Prix may have become another uncertainty, given the current coronavirus situation in the country.

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