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Ferrari breakdown was a matter of time: 'It always settles down'
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Ferrari breakdown was a matter of time: 'It always settles down'

23 May - 08:51


Charles Leclerc's retirement in the Spanish Grand Prix came unexpectedly, as the Ferrari seemed to be one of the most reliable cars in the field so far. Christian Horner sees it in the overall context of the Formula 1 season, where things like this often balance out naturally.

Red Bull Racing had reliability problems especially in the first races of the season, resulting in two crashes for Max Verstappen. According to Horner it was only a matter of time before Ferrari would also experience bad luck.

Horner sees balance in F1 season

"These kinds of things always settle over a season. They had bad luck today, we had bad luck in Bahrain and Australia," he explained at Motorsport-Magazin.com. Moreover, Ferrari has already deployed two engines from the pool, while Verstappen is still driving his first.

Horner suspects that the mutual relationships will remain more or less the same, also in terms of reliability. "The championships are very close, it's still early in the championship and reliability will remain a factor throughout the season," the Red Bull team boss said.

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