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Verstappen says Red Bull is very flexible: 'We didn't retire'
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Verstappen says Red Bull is very flexible: 'We didn't retire'

23 May - 08:15


In Miami, Max Verstappen still stressed that he needed a trouble-free weekend with Red Bull Racing, but in Spain he failed again. Yet Verstappen also sees the competition going wrong and that raises questions.

Red Bull adapts

For Verstappen, the season started very poorly with crashes in Bahrain and Australia, while in both cases he was in second place. In Imola and in Miami, Verstappen won the races, but not without problems. He hoped the problems would be absent in Barcelona, but that was not the case.

In Spain, Verstappen struggled with problems with his DRS in qualifying and the race. ''That issue with the DRS, of course, was quite costly but at the end, we still won the race, so as a team we are quite flexible,'' Verstappen said at the, press conference after the race. Red Bull did this by putting Verstappen on an attacking three-stop, which meant he didn't have to overtake on the track.

Ferrari drops out

''We tried to make sure that that doesn't happen again. But we didn't retire which other teams did. So that's already a good improvement and you can see, it completely swings the championship around again,'' said the Dutchman who is now back in the lead in the world championship.

Verstappen, of course, hints at other teams' failures at Leclerc, who had to abandon the race with a serious engine problem. Verstappen can't say much about Ferrari's problems, but does see that there are teething problems with the new regulations.

''From our side, of course, we had already two retirements where before we were always really strong on reliability. It's also not major issues that we had. it’s little things and yeah, we are trying to be on top of that'', concludes the Limburger.

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