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'Simple' team order from Red Bull: ''Of course Verstappen goes for it''

'Simple' team order from Red Bull: ''Of course Verstappen goes for it''

23-05-2022 07:12

There was much talk after the Spanish Grand Prix about Red Bull Racing's team orders. Sergio Perez had to let Max Verstappen pass him, even though it was for the win. In his column for Jacques Villeneuve states that he thinks this is only normal.

For Red Bull Racing, the weekend in Spain could not have gone better. Verstappen won the race, Perez finished second and took the fastest lap and in addition Charles Leclerc crashed out with engine problems. As a result, Verstappen now leads the world championship and Red Bull is on top in the constructors' standings.

Red Bull's Team Orders

For that victory, Verstappen did need some help from his team and teammate. Red Bull helped Verstappen with an attacking strategy to get around his problems with the DRS. Verstappen was so fast with that, he eventually caught up with Perez. The Mexican had passed Verstappen earlier in the race, but didn't get that spot from Verstappen when he was stuck behind Max on new tires.

However, Villeneuve believes that Red Bull did the right thing and that Perez cannot complain about that. According to the Canadian, Verstappen would have passed his teammate anyway with his new tires and therefore a fight was only detrimental to Red Bull. ''Of course Verstappen goes for it, he's above him in the championship, he's the number one and the world champion. Simple'', said the 1997 world champion.

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