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Windsor on key moment: 'That's what got Verstappen the win'

Windsor on key moment: 'That's what got Verstappen the win'

23-05-2022 06:28 Last update: 07:08

Windsor speaks of a complicated Spanish Grand Prix, in which several factors played a role in Red Bull's eventual double victory. Of course, much more became possible for Red Bull Racing after Charles Leclerc's retirement, but according to the analyst, the key moment lay elsewhere.

"What really got Verstappen the victory against his teammate was the decision to put him on the soft tyre when they did," he explained. This put the Dutchman in a situation where most drivers around him were on used mediums. According to Windsor, Russell and Perez became sitting ducks and had no chance against the world champion.

Key Moment for Red Bull

The key moment for Windsor came just after Charles Leclerc's Ferrari gave up the ghost. At that point, Red Bull Racing made the decision to bring in Verstappen, who was stuck behind George Russell. "They took a gamble by putting him on a three-stop strategy," continued the British analyst. "At the time they didn't know it, but in the end it turned out that everyone had to do that."

According to Windsor, all the teams thought that a two-stop was good enough and that the mediums would hold out until the end of the race, but due to the high temperatures, that turned out not to be feasible. As a result, Verstappen ended up with one of the few planned three-stoppers on the best strategy.

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