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'RB18s reached right fuel temperature just in time, eight seconds left'

'RB18s reached right fuel temperature just in time, eight seconds left'

22-05-2022 21:09 Last update: 21:48

Red Bull Racing seems to have indeed crawled through the eye of the needle prior to the Spanish Grand Prix. The Race stated earlier this Sunday that competitors suspected that Max Verstappen was having problems reaching the correct fuel temperature. This story has been confirmed by Auto, Motor und Sport. The reputable medium even has detailed information.

Red Bull had little time left

While all the Formula 1 drivers were already doing their reconnaissance laps, Verstappen and Sergio Perez would not have driven out until eight (!) seconds before the pit lane closed. Although Red Bull Racing's reading is that this had to do with extra checks for the DRS system, in reality it seems to be slightly different.

Both RB18s would not have met the prescribed value forty minutes before the start, when the pit lane opened. According to AMuS , the FIA starts checking the moment the pitlane opens. The inspectors of the international motorsport federation can see in real time on their screens how low or how high the fuel temperature is.

Red Bull had only reached the minimum fuel temperature of 25 degrees Celsius moments before the pit lane closed. The colder the fuel, the better it performs. So the teams in Formula 1 cool their fuel, but the moment the fuel is too cold at the closing of the pitlane, a start from the pitlane follows. This happened to Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel two weeks ago in Miami.

F1 teams disagree

However, the teams from the premier class of motor racing do not agree on when the minimum fuel temperature should be reached. The regulations state 'when the car is in use'. Ferrari states that this moment is when the engines are started, Aston Martin amongst others equates this moment with leaving the garage. The FIA interprets the rules the way Aston Martin does and so Red Bull got away with the scare.