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Verstappen and Russell happy that incident in Turn 3 was not investigated further

Verstappen and Russell happy that incident in Turn 3 was not investigated further

22-05-2022 19:50 Last update: 20:14

Max Verstappen and George Russell discussed their fight at the Barcelona circuit in the 'cooldown room' after the Spanish Grand Prix. Both men indicated they enjoyed the duel. Race control did take a very brief look at the duel, but ultimately decided not to conduct a serious investigation into the incident. Verstappen and Russell agree with that conclusion.

"I think maybe they were looking at the moving a bit, the weaving," said Verstappen, who was press conference then reminded that it was about the minor incident in Turn 3. "Because of leaving one car width? Yeah, luckily nothing happened. I mean, there was a bit of grip on the outside, so I'm okay with it. I think it was hard racing."

Verstappen continued, "And of course, I went around the outside but I'm also in the blind spot of George, so I think he didn't even really notice where I was exactly, right? Well, for sure you knew that I was there, but it's always hard to fully give a car’s width there because it's a fast corner, you’re drifting wide. So if I was in George’s position, I would have probably done the same, so it's just how we are, I think."

Russell agrees with Verstappen

Russell and Verstappen are on the same page. The Mercedes driver states that it is important that this hard but fair way of racing is allowed in Formula 1. He agrees that it is indeed the rule to have to give a car length of space, but in his view he did just that. Still, he understands that the incident was briefly 'noted' by the race committee.

"But yeah, it's a little bit difficult at the moment. We've obviously got the new stewards in and it's very difficult for everybody, and trying to understand each other, what we feel like is required from the driver's side, and what they expect from us as well, and it will just need this open dialogue. But I wasn't even aware they were looking into it, to be honest, I thought it was hard and fair racing," said GPDA president Russell.

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