Marko on Verstappen's spin: There were only two wind gusts
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Marko on Verstappen's spin: "There were only two wind gusts"

22 May - 17:10

Helmut Marko is delighted with the performance of Red Bull Racing in the Spanish Grand Prix. After five consecutive victories by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes in Barcelona, it was finally a Red Bull driver who could climb onto the highest step of the podium. It was not without a struggle, as Marko concluded.

"When we had free runway and the engine power was fully open, we were clearly the fastest cars in the field," the Austrian team's advisor told Sky's German branch. Still, there was a lot that preceded Max Verstappen's victory. "It was fortunate that Leclerc crashed out and that Max managed to recover from his spin in Turn 4. There were only two gusts of wind, one on Sainz and one on Max."

That was not all, as Verstappen then got stuck behind George Russell. The Mercedes was fast on the straight and that combined with a faulty DRS made it impossible for the reigning world champion to pass Russell. "And on top of that, Russell was driving relatively aggressively in the braking zone. It was not an easy race."

Perez lets Verstappen pass

Because Verstappen was stuck behind Mercedes, the decision was made to make a pit stop and thus a three-stop. Perez, however, remained on a two-stopper. It eventually resulted in a team order. "They were driving on different strategies. It was clear that Checo would not have been able to finish with his set of tires," Marko told ORF, an Austrian television station.

Over the team radio, Perez informed his team that he still wanted to discuss the situation after the race. That the Mexican was perhaps a bit brighter than usual, Marko does not mind at all. "Otherwise he wouldn't be a real driver either. It's logical that he doesn't immediately say, 'Yes, I'll let him pass' and then wave him off, as it were."

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