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Van der Garde on crash Leclerc: For Ferrari also a blameworthy one

Van der Garde on crash Leclerc: "For Ferrari also a blameworthy one"

21 May - 08:33 Last update: 09:23

Giedo van der Garde is convinced that Max Verstappen has a psychological advantage over rival Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari driver has been making some mistakes in recent weeks, and the Viaplay analyst thinks that this has knocked the World Cup leader's confidence.

Whether Verstappen has a psychological advantage over Leclerc? "One hundred percent," Van der Garde is resolute in Viaplay's Shakedown program. According to the former Formula 1 driver, the reigning world champion is more relaxed and makes fewer mistakes. "The pressure is off a bit and he knows that the team around him is just top notch. He knows he can do it. He also knows that a team that is constantly improving, the car is just making strides."

Leclerc put under pressure

Leclerc has started the season well and is clearly the superior party in his direct duel with teammate Carlos Sainz, but Van der Garde is still critical of the young Monegasque. He may be on top in the world championship and have a nineteen-point lead over Verstappen, but there seem to be cracks appearing in Leclerc when Verstappen puts so much pressure on him.

"Actually with Leclerc, from what I have seen the last two races, it is constantly mistake after mistake. At Imola big mistake, at Miami a mistake here and a mistake there. " On top of that, Leclerc last week wrecked an old F1 car owned by Niki Lauda at Monaco. No doubt that's not good for self-confidence either. "For Ferrari, they are also a blameworthy one. They put in the big guy who is first in the World Championship and then this happens. Pretty bad," said Van der Garde.

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