Sainz talks about Ferrari updates: 'Definitely has potential'

Sainz talks about Ferrari updates: 'Definitely has potential'

20 May - 21:01 Last update: 22:00

Carlos Sainz is satisfied with the course of the first day for Ferrari in Spain. The Spaniard set a second and fourth quickest time in the first two free practice sessions. The Ferrari driver enjoyed the crowds in the stands along the Barcelona circuit.

"I think it's great. Already today being a Friday, so many people turned up and so many people were cheering and having fun out there," Sainz commented in conversation with He hopes to treat Spanish fans to success over the next two days. "I’m just going to try and do my thing but for sure I’ll try and give them a good time."

Updates Ferrari

Ferrari had some updates flown in from Maranello to Spain. The F1-75 felt different, which Sainz says is a positive. "I think they’ve definitely got potential, and we’ve seen some changes in the behaviour of the car, which is good… when you bring upgrades, because you want to see some actual changes. So yes, happy to see them working and happy to see them performing."

About the path taken after the first free practice, the Madrile says he is slightly less satisfied. After FP1 Ferrari made some adjustments to the set-up, but that did not have a positive effect on the balance. According to Sainz, Ferrari was even slower in the second practice session than in the first.

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