Marko furious: It's time for clarification there

Marko furious: "It's time for clarification there"

20 May - 20:11 Last update: 21:59

Helmut Marko is not at all happy with the B-specification of the AMR22. The new car from Aston Martin looks suspiciously like the RB18 and at Red Bull Racing they suspect that Lawrence Stroll's team has used Austrian data in the further development. It doesn't sit well with Marko.

Red Bull busy with investigation

Marko stated earlier this Friday that data belonging to Red Bull's IP had been downloaded. "We only know that data was downloaded - what happened to it we cannot say. We can't prove that it was used," Marko added to The FIA conducted an investigation last week and concluded that Aston Martin worked according to the rules.

At Austrian television station ORF, Marko also appeared on camera. He emphasizes that Red Bull will not leave it at that and has started an extensive investigation. Moreover, Aston Martin's operations will be under a magnifying glass in the coming period. "We are investigating, and if we find something that is against the rules - that is where the integrity of the sport is at stake. This is the second time from this team. It's time for clarification there."

In 2020, the then Racing Point was penalised with a €400,000 fine and a 15-point deduction in the world championship. At the time, parts from Mercedes were copied one-to-one. This turned out to be contrary to the regulations of the FIA and therefore had far-reaching consequences. A punishment of this magnitude is not ruled out if it turns out that Aston Martin has been working illegally after all.

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