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Alonso on the receiving end of FIA president: 'You can't do this'

Alonso on the receiving end of FIA president: 'You can't do this'

20 May - 15:38 Last update: 17:25


Fernando Alonso has not endeared himself to the stewards and the top brass of Formula 1. In the paddock, the Spaniard is now being openly called to order and may have to go to the stewards again this weekend.

Alonso has caused quite a stir in Spain. The Spaniard was still angry about the outcome of the Grand Prix in Miami. The two-time world champion received a five-second penalty after the race, which meant that he did not receive points for his race in America.

Alonso expresses criticism

The Alpine driver received the penalty because he had come off the track and would have taken advantage of it. However, Alonso held back to reduce his time gain and assumed that it was solved that way. Without being able to defend himself, he was given a five-second penalty and could forget about any points.

During the press conference in Spain Alonso said that he found the race control 'incompetent' in Miami. He stated that the race committee had acted unprofessionally by not looking at Alpine's data or giving the Spaniard a chance to defend himself. '' They weren't even there after the race,'' Alonso revealed.

Once more to the stewards

These remarks fell on deaf ears with the stewards and the FIA, so the Spaniard had to report back. That conversation did not have to take place in a separate room but was strangely enough conducted in the paddock on the terrace of the Alpine motorhome. The president of the FIA, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, holds the conversation with the Spaniard.

The outcome of this is not yet known, but Alonso may have to go to the stewards one more time. In the first free practice session, he got in the way of Lewis Hamilton who was working on a fast lap. This incident would be reviewed by the stewards after the session.

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