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Red Bull Racing take a dig with 'The Green Edition' Red Bull cans
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Red Bull Racing take a dig with 'The Green Edition' Red Bull cans

20 May - 15:38 Last update: 17:07


Red Bull Racing made a clear statement during the first free practice for the Spanish Grand Prix. Indeed, the entire crew sat at the pit wall with a green edition of a Red Bull can.

There is a fierce battle going on in and around the paddock in Barcelona. Aston Martin came to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with updates, but with those updates, the AMR22 suddenly looks suspiciously like Red Bull Racing's RB18. The Austrian team saw seven employees make the switch to Aston Martin in recent months and suspects them of passing on data.

Green Red Bull cans

At Aston Martin, of course, the latter is debunked. It has to be, because passing on company information is prohibited in Formula 1. Aston Martin say everything is legitimate. However, Helmut Marko does not believe that this can be done in such detail without having data from Red Bull in hand.

Red Bull immediately drew attention, because at the pit wall the staff members were for once not sitting with a familiar can of Red Bull. They were all sitting with the summer edition of the energy drink, with the flavours kiwi and apple. It was no coincidence that this can was chosen right now. In fact, the summer edition is The Green Edition and is also painted in a green colour.

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