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Marko points to departed engineers: 'Evidence that data was downloaded'

Marko points to departed engineers: 'Evidence that data was downloaded'

20 May - 14:46 Last update: 17:04


Helmut Marko reveals that Red Bull Racing will get to the bottom of how Aston Martin was able to copy the RB18. According to the Austrian, files were downloaded by former employees.

Furious Marko

In Spain, the updates from Aston Martin are the talk of the day. The new AMR22 looks suspiciously like Red Bull Racing's RB18 and that sets off a lot of alarm bells. The FIA believes that the team has followed the rules, but Red Bull already said in a statement that they disagree.

Red Bull is looking with suspicion at the seven people who left last year, including the head of aerodynamics at Red Bull: Dan Fallows. They were offered a job at Aston Martin and made that move. Marko strongly suspects and, in his own opinion, even has evidence that information was passed on by these seven.

Data downloaded

''According to the current rules, copying is not forbidden, but you also have to factor in that seven of our people were recruited by them. There area number of facts we are still checking, but we will look at every detail,'' the Red Bull top executive told Sky Germany.

When Marko is asked if he is worried about Fallows, Marko explains the big problem. ''It is not only Dan Fallows, there is also evidence that data has been downloaded. Copying is not forbidden, but is it possible to be able to copy the car in so much detail without having data from us?'', Marko concludes.

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